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Your teachers

Jennica Mills, MSW


Jennica’s extensive work in somatic (body-based) therapies, trauma recovery and sexual wellness gives way to a unique perspective on how we can experience physical, emotional, and mental freedom.


Guided by the premise that we each contain the power to heal, be inspired, and experience connectedness, Jennica’s approach is designed to tap into the body’s innate intelligence to release stress and tension patterns that are holding us back from living our fullness.


She is the Co-Founder of Neurogenic Yoga™ and facilitates global dual certification programs for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (TRE®) and Neurogenic Yoga. She also has a private practice in San Diego, CA where she facilitates somatic trauma release and sexual wellness coaching.

Maria Björk

Maria believes in our body’s inner wisdom and knowing. That our intelligent organism has the ability to selfheal, self-regulate and self-adjust in an organic and natural way. She works with nervous system regulation through the lens of fascia to facilitate a profound and transformative healing experience, so we can live more freely and tap into our unbound potential as humans.


Maria is the Founder of Holistisk Hälsa which offers services with a holistic approach towards health. She is a Certified Neurogenic Yoga Teacher™, Certified Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (TRE®) Provider, RYT500, Certified Slings Myofascial Training, Certified Ayurvedic Massage therapist, current education: Somatic Movement Therapist. 

Return to the Wild:
A Retreat for Nervous System Nurturing and Natural Unwinding

Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Sweden’s wilderness with ”Return to the Wild,” a retreat designed to nurture your nervous system and facilitate natural unwinding. This transformative experience combines ancient practices with modern techniques, creating an embodied experience that guides you toward deep relaxation and self-discovery.


The Healing Power of Somatic Wilderness Immersion

Our bodies are wired for ebbs and flow, just like the natural world. Here we recognize the inherent power of time spent connecting with the natural environment for mental and physical well-being. By immersing ourselves in nature through movement, sensory experiences, and contemplative practices, we deepen our understanding of ecological interconnectedness and foster a profound sense of belonging. Through this integration, we become more attuned to the rhythms of nature and forage new pathways to personal transformation.

What to Expect

Join us at ”Return to the Wild” where the pristine wilderness of Sweden becomes your sanctuary for nervous system nurturing and natural unwinding. Experience the powerful effects of healing in the wild, and let the natural world guide you back to your true self.

  • Somatic Release Sessions: Embodiment sessions for nervous system regulation are designed to facilitate an exploration towards resilience. These sessions offer a safe space to explore techniques that help regulate the body’s stress response, release long-held tension patterns, and promote deep presence. Through the practices of Neurogenic Yoga™ and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (TRE®) you’ll learn to naturally release tension and cultivate a deeper connection with your innate capacity for freedom.
  • Movement in Nature: Spend time exploring nature with guided walks along tranquil trails, movement practices in the wild, and circles around the fire.
  • Creative Expression: Unleash your creativity through art, music, and other expressive activities. The natural environment serves as both a muse and a source of inspiration.


Hotell Vildmarken

The retreat will be held in the deep forest of Värmland, Sweden

Situated by Finnsjön, Hotel Vildmarken offers a unique escape from daily life. Experience the area’s finest swimming spot just steps from the Hotel grounds, soothing silence, breathtaking night skies, and the luxury of having the entire place to ourselves. This is your sanctuary to recharge, unwind, and connect.

You find Hotell Vildmarken 2 hours from Oslo, 3 hours from Gothenburg and 5 hours from Stockholm by car. If you want to use train or bus; the bus between Oslo – Stockholm stops close by, and the train from Gothenburg takes you to Säffle, which is also the closest city. Pickup can be arrange for an additional fee.

Registration and cost

Cost includes all sessions, accommodations and meals (includes dinner Friday, all meals Saturday, and breakfast and lunch Sunday) and daily snacks. 

$530 in shared double room 

$610 in single room

The rooms are spacious, with en-suite bathroom. Linen, towels and final cleaning  are included.

You register by email to


For an additional cost, you are welcome to register for an ayurvedic massage with Maria Björck. Please use this link to choose your appointment time:

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